What is Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is a form of Social Security benefits meant to help you if you suffer from a condition that prevents you from working. Basically, an approved applicant will receive monthly checks to help offset the cost of living.

There are two forms of Social Security Disability: SSDI and SSI. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are given to those who have worked long enough and paid their Social Security taxes. Supplemental Security Income is distributed on a basis of financial need. Both require that you are disabled and that you meet specific medical qualifications. Not everyone qualifies, but those who do can and should consult an attorney to be sure that their applications are as complete as possible and thus as likely as possible to be approved.

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How an Anoka Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

It has been statistically proven that applicants represented by an attorney are more likely to be approved than those who are not. What that should mean is that choosing to consult an attorney for free is a no brainer—at the very least you will receive knowledgeable insight into how to best apply and whether you qualify.

At our Hoglund Law Woodbury office, we offer free case evaluations to help people like you determine whether applying for Social Security Disability is worth the pursuit and how best to apply. If you determine that you would like to apply, we are also able to have an experienced Social Security Disability attorney file your claim and get the process started for you.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability

Not everyone qualifies for Social Security Disability. Some conditions are not serious enough or last long enough to qualify, for example. While the list that follows includes some of the conditions that are recognized as qualifying for Social Security Disability, if you live in Woodbury and suffer from a condition you think should qualify, it is best to consult an attorney like the ones you’ll find in our Woodbury Office.

Some qualifying conditions are respiratory illnesses, immune system disorders, skin disorders, cancer, kidney disease, mental disorders, etc.

This list is by no means exhaustive and a fuller list can be found here. If you are still uncertain whether you qualify for Social Security Disability, then please come into our Woodbury office for a free case evaluation to speak with a qualified attorney.

Why Are People Denied Social Security Disability

Certain factors are very detrimental to those applying for Social Security Disability. Drug and alcohol use, for example, can cause the Social Security Administration to believe that your condition is not improving due to factors within your control, and any refusal to seek treatment will also read as an intentional decision to not get better. This is why it’s imperative that you consult an attorney on your case. Any factors that might lead to denial of your application will be spotted by a qualified attorney and they can advise you on the best path forward.

Have You Been Denied SSDI / SSI?

A denial from the Social Security Administration can mean many things, but one thing it doesn’t mean is that you need to give up. In fact, most cases are denied the first few rounds of application—namely because there simply isn’t enough medical evidence in an applicant’s file or because the Social Security Administration failed to consider all the facts surrounding a specific case. Whatever the reason, an experienced attorney can help turn a denial into an acceptance.

If you were denied within the last 60 days, there is still time to appeal your case. At Hoglund Law, we offer free case evaluations during which we will review your information and consider what can be done to make your application successful. We also offer help filing your case should you require assistance. With over 30,000 clients assisted, you can rest assured that Hoglund Law has the experience and knowledge it takes to support you through whatever hard time you are facing.

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How to apply for Social Security Benefits in Anoka

If you are a resident of Woodbury, Minnesota and want to file a Social Security claim, your first step is to gather some relevant information to help the claim along. You will need an account of the last 15 years’ worth of employers’ names, addresses, and contact info as well as a list of contact info of all doctors, hospitals, and clinics you saw in relation to your condition. Gathering a list of all the prescription medications you are taking or have taken for your condition is also important.

After assembling what you can of this information, you will either go to your local Social Security office (332 Minnesota St N650, St Paul, MN 55101) or apply online. Do not wait to receive the above information before filing. Doing so is an unnecessary delay as you can update your case later. You don’t want to delay getting your first paycheck, especially if you are not working.

Your Local Social Security Office

St Paul Social Security Office

Address: 332 Minnesota St N650,
St Paul, MN 55101

332 Minnesota St N650,
St Paul, MN 55101


Social Security Office Hours

Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 12:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday Closed
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Closed on Federal Holidays.

About Woodbury, MN

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There may be a bit of a rivalry going on between the two major high schools, but both boast prominent academic records and the Minnesota Math and Science Academy also provides youth with an opportunity for a stellar education.